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Product Details : Sulfur @ 1000 g/g, Polysulfide Oil
Sulfur @ 1000 g/g, Polysulfide Oil
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Clear Glass

Mineral Oil

ASTM Petroleum Method Standard

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S - Sulfur (1000)

VHG Labs' polysulfide oils have been formulated for long shelf life and optimal stability even when exposed to x-rays from modern high wattage XRF spectrometers. In addition, our polysulfide oil products offer high purity, low volatility, and minimal diffusion through sample films. These standards are well suited to ultra low level sulfur analysis, quality control, drift correction, blank measurement and calibration standards for XRF and other sulfur analysis techniques. Our polysulfide oil standards are intended for use in accordance with the newly revised ASTM D2622, D4294, D5453, D7039, D7212, D7220 and others.

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