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Quotes:  Quotations are issued within 24 hours and orders of stock products ship promptly.  Please inquire for delivery of custom standards or other VHG Labs’ services.  Winter shipments of freezable products may have special shipment requirements.

Pricing:  Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Quantity Discount Policy:

10% Discount - Buy any10 standards.

15% Discount - Buy any 25 standards.

20% Discount - Buy any 50 standards.

Cannot be combined with any other VHG Labs’ discount plan.

Please contact customer service to request your quantity discount.

Payment & Terms:  Many payment options exist.  Terms are Net 30 days;  FOB Manchester, NH 03103 USA    Proforma Invoice • Pre-Pay Cash • C.O.D.• Wire Transfer (International) • Credit Card (Mastercard®,VISA®, American Express®, Discover®).

Warranty:  VHG Labs warrants that its products shall conform to the descriptions listed.  We make no representation or warranty as to the merchantability or fit-ness for a particular purpose.  .A purchaser’s exclusive remedy for any cause or claim of damages shall be the replacement of the product or a refund of the original purchase price.  Our products are in-tended for laboratory use only.  They should be handled by qualified and trained personnel only.  Returns should you need to return a product, please call us to receive a Return Authorization number.  We cannot accept materials without this authorization number.  Re-stocking fees may apply, and shipping costs are the responsibility of the client.

Export Conditions of Sale:  No products obtained from VHG Labs may be exported, resold or distributed for export in violation of the Export Administration Regulations of the United States.  VHG Labs makes every effort to accurately determine the Export Commodity Classification Number that applies to each product shipped.  However, it is the sole responsibility of anyone engaging in subsequent distribution to understand the Export Administration Regulations of the United States and to fully comply with those regulations.  Items on the United States Munitions List are not offered for export.  See 15 CFR Chapter 7.

Shipments & Packaging:  VHG Labs packages products according to applicable shipper, IATA & DOT requirements.  All liquid products are sealed in plastic or glass, and we do not use mineral-based packaging filler.  We ship using Federal Express, UPS, or other carriers as requested.

Receiving:  Please check all materials upon arrival and handle in a safe and appropriate way.