Thin Films for XRF Sample Cups

XRF sample cup films allow liquids, powders and slurries to be analyzed by X-Ray Fluorescence. VHG Labs provides a range of special films of highest quality. For selection of the ideal film, consider the material’s transmission (especially important for “light elements”), purity, and physical strength.

Kapton® (Polyimide)
Features high strength, high purity, chemical robustness, and withstands prolonged X-Ray irradiation.

Mylar (polyethylene-terephthalate) film is economical, strong and offers good chemical resistance. It is well suited for light element analysis (Note: may contain Ca, Fe, P, Sb, Zn).

Highest grade, proprietary film featuring optimal transmission, purity, strength, chemical resistance, and thermal stability. Good for full range of XRF analytes, including light elements.

Features excellent X-Ray transmission characteristics and good chemical resistance.

General purpose film with good transmission and chemical resistance (Note: may contain Al, Ca, Cu, Fe, P, Ti, Zn, Zr).