XRF Sample Cups from VHG Labs

XRF Sample Cups
VHG’s XRF Cups feature a unique Tri-Lock Taut Film™ design that ensures a wrinkle-free, leak-resistant and taut window film.

Double Open-End Cups
Come with open or vented caps with a proprietary lift tab feature that enables more reliable sample handling of full sample cups. Samples are top loaded for maximum ease and are self-nesting. These cups support thin film and microporous sheets for sealing.

Closed-End Cups
Closed-end cups are bottom loaded to handle liquids, slurries, powders and many volatiles or foaming liquids, where the immediate back pressure condition of a closed-cell is necessary.  Cups are ventable for pressure equalization.

Pellet Caps for XRF Analysis of Powders
Straight wall cap design is generally recommended for briquetting materials of uniform size distribution.  Tapered wall cap design helps overcome briquetting difficulties and spill over for materials that resist briquetting or are of non-uniform chemistry or size.