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X-ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy

Major and Trace Elemental Analysis

XRF can be used to analyze over 70 different elements in either liquid or solid samples. This makes it ideal for non-destructive analysis or for the analysis of samples that cannot be readily digested. It can be used to determine major, minor or trace (ppm level) elements in a wide range of sample types.

Full Elemental Survey

XRF is ideal for qualitative and semi-quantitative analysis (±20% relative) without the use of standards. VHG’s “XRF Survey” reports concentrations from 100ppm to percent levels. It is priced on a “per sample” basis. XRF can also be used for quantitative analysis – it offers excellent precision and the accuracy is a function of the calibration standards. For quantitative analysis of non-routine samples, a suite of matrix-matched calibration standards will need to be supplied by the customer or developed by VHG. Quantitative analysis by XRF is priced upon request.

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